Summer Slowdown Computer Maintenance Tips

If you’re in the ice cream commercial enterprise, the summer may be your “hottest” season. But, many agencies seem to gradual down over the summer–schools are out and lots of clients and employees are taking part in holidays and circle of relatives time.

Smart enterprise proprietors take advantage of this slowdown to set desires and review enterprise techniques. It’s additionally a tremendous time to preserve your laptop structures and evaluate your era needs for the yr in advance.

Don’t let the summer season slowdown have an effect on your laptop too! Here are 7 guidelines to hold your Windows or Mac computer walking at scorching speeds inside the rapid lane:

1. Uninstall unused applications, and in case you’re a Mac consumer, uninstall unnecessary language files too! Another tip for Mac customers: If you’re the usage of an Intel-based machine, eliminate the unused Power PC binaries, too. While it can appear obvious, we recom­mend which you double test which you surely don’t need those applications earlier than eliminating, particularly, something that looks like it is probably system associated.

2. Clean out your temp documents, tem­porary Internet documents and different junk documents at least once a month. If you are a Windows person, keep in mind to smooth up that registry. Mac customers, clear your cache. You would possibly want to invest in some right 0.33-birthday celebration software program to do those steps to your Windows and Mac machines.

Three. Empty the trash! This applies to both Windows and Mac users alike.

4. Maintain at the least 10-15% free disk area on both Windows and Mac systems. The working system wishes room to maneuver-make sure to provide your machine the gap it needs.

Five. Clean out your e mail. If you ought to grasp directly to it, consider shifting gadgets to an archive folder or report.

6. Defragment your machine. Newer Mac and Windows oper­ating systems (OS X and Windows 7) do no longer require this as lots; however, if you’re still the usage of an older machine, you may see a performance gain from defragmenting your hard disk.

7. Shutdown your system frequently, do not simply placed it to sleep. Not most effective are it “green,” it will perform an entire system reset and provide your laptop a burst of “strength.”

Now which you’ve wiped clean matters up, hold it up! We advocate acting those ordinary mainte­nance responsibilities at least month-to-month-preferably weekly.

Don’t allow the lazy days of summer season make you lazy too! Carpe diem… Seize the day! Give IT Radix a call and we’ll be happy to help you make the maximum of this summer’s slowdown

As a pro IT expert and business owner at IT Radix, Cathy Coloff enjoys operating with small-to-medium sized companies on getting the most out of their generation dollars. Technology is serious business, however, she loves to have a laugh making I.T. Give you the results you want.

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In this paper, we are able to cowl the basics on Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), Media Access Control Addresses (MAC), Wireless (WiFi), and layer 2 communications. I wish to explain how a “Man in the Middle Attack” works. The not unusual call for that is ARP poisoning, MAC poisoning, or Spoofing. Before we can get into how the poisoning works we want to find out about how the OSI model works and what happens at layer 2 of the OSI Model. To preserve this simple we are able to most effective scratch the surface at the OSI version to get the idea of ways protocols paintings and speak with each different.

The OSI (open
Systems interconnection) model was advanced with the aid of the International Standards
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is split into several layers, each of which defines specific capabilities and/or features
. However, this version is simplest preferred guidelines for growing usable community interfaces
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layer as a few providers do no longer adhere to the model completely. Despite all this the
OSI model has earned the honor of being “the version” upon which all top community protocols
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The OSI Model

The OSI Model is based upon 7 layers (Application layer, Presentation Layer, Session
Layer, Transport Layer, Network Layer, Data Link Layer and the Physical layer). For our
proposes we will assessment layer 2 (records link layer), Data Link layer defines the format of
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out of doors global, and a loop lower back interface to send packets to itself.

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