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Sudoku for Beginners

How much do you know about free sudoku puzzle games? Perhaps you think it’s not for you because it’s a mathematics-based game? Well, if you are, do we have news for you! Sudoku puzzles don’t require any mathematics knowledge, although it was invented by a Swiss mathematician it is purely a logic-based game. If you are new to sudoku, there are just 5 easy-to-follow rules to familiarize yourself with:

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Sudoku’s Five Simple Rules:

1. Only use the numbers 1 to 9. The game is played in grids with 9 blocks x 9 blocks making up 9 squares with spaces of 3×3. Each puzzle has a number of the blocks filled in, as clues for you.

2. Avoid trying to guess the solution to the puzzle. Rather, use logic and reason to find your answers. If one section is baffling you, move on to a different section and try your luck there.

3. Only use each number once in each row, column, and grid. This is where sudoku’s deductive reasoning and the process of elimination come in.

4. Use the process of elimination as a tactic. By knowing which numbers are already in the puzzle you can figure out which ones are missing. Once you know which numbers are needed you can figure out where they should go.

5. Use cross-hatching and penciling-in techniques. Cross-hatching involves focusing on just one 3×3 grid at a time. Then you will scan each column and row taking into account which numbers have been filled into the first grid. Penciling-in is the process of putting all the possible numbers into the open blocks. Then you would move to the cross-hatching technique as per normal and remove any incorrect numbers.

It’s as simple as that! So by following these five rules, you should be able to find the solution to any sudoku puzzle. And remember, the puzzles come in different expertise levels; from easy and medium sudoku to expert and advanced sudoku. If you find a puzzle is too difficult for you, you’re probably working on the wrong level.

So What’s The Aim of The Game?

Why is it that we play any game? Usually, it’s to challenge ourselves, try and win or to successfully solve problems and keep improving in skill level. The objective of sudoku is as simple as solving the puzzle by completing its 9×9 grid by filling in the missing numbers. So what you’re doing is trying to find the right place for each number – it’s about having a sharp eye and using logical thinking!

Why not get started with Easybrain’s app? It will give you something to do next time you need to pass time, and perhaps you will become one of the many devotees of the daily sudoku. The app is great for beginners as it features hints, auto-check, and highlights duplicates. You can use these features, or complete the challenge without their help when you are a pro. With thousands of free sudoku puzzle games to explore, install today!

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