Sony Ericsson W300i Rocks the House

As cited with the aid of almost every other reviewer out there, the Sony Ericsson W300i (my version from Cingular) is an awesome value for the money. It’s Sony’s low-give up access into their Walkman phones, and as such, it offers excellent fine song (either MP3 or FM station), extraordinary telephone carrier and masses of extras that make the semi-seasoned business individual in me very happy. There are a couple of small design flaws – significantly the flush, oddly fashioned wide variety pads which many customers have trouble with and the reality that the fingers-unfastened wire works as a radio antennae so that you can’t listen to the radio without the palms-unfastened plugged in – however standard, the Sony Ericsson W300i offers awesome cost for an extremely low-cease track phone.


The W300i is Sony’s modern day access into the Walkman song cellphone list, and not like the others, it’s aimed toward the mid-degree cell marketplace. In our case, we picked up the Ericsson’s with the activation of a -yr calling plan with Cingular, and the price couldn’t be beaten – a buy-one-get-one deal that fee me $20 for two phones. My teenage daughter got one, and I got the alternative. They’re now not pretty all-in-one phones, but they include sufficient functions to keep each an annoying youngster user and a commercial enterprise mother happy. Those encompass excessive pleasant phone, MP3 participant, FM radio, VGA camera, IM capability, WAP capability, smooth to study display, Bluetooth wireless, reminiscence growth slot, video capture, data switch with GPRS and EDGE, and PC syncing. That’s a boatload of capabilities for a workhorse, good buy telephone.


The W300i is a departure from the alternative Walkman telephones in terms of styling. The clamshell case and rounded traces deliver it a bit of a rugged look without compromising the clean, nearly futuristic curves and info. The front show is simply a bit underneath middle of the telephone, and the orange text and backlight is fantastically comfortable on the eyes in evaluation to the usual blue-white of maximum cell phone presentations. The phone is to be had in Shadow Black and Shimmering White. We each selected the shadow black, and I very just like the matte end of each the black and the silver accents. The simplest ‘flash’ on the telephone is vibrant orange Walkman insignia at the lowest of the front and the orange rocker turn on the left aspect of the cellular.

Ergonomics and Usability

At four.2 oz, the W300i is lightweight and the shape makes it a totally secure suit inside the hand. It’s a bit narrower than a deck of cards – slender enough to curl your hands over, but huge sufficient for comfy two-passed gaming and textual content messaging.

While most reviewers have taken problem with Sony’s layout for the variety pad at the Ericsson W300i, I locate it very relaxed and easy to use. The flat, spherical buttons overlap and are set flush with the floor of the handset, but it is very smooth to experience wherein one ends and the following begins. I haven’t once accidentally pressed the wrong variety or pressed two numbers without delay. What changed into a chunk more hard to get used to becoming the dedicated ‘returned’ button and the fact that the C button would not return you to a previous screen.

My largest issue with the usability of the cellphone, though, is with the battery door. The illustrations within the customers manual make it look simple – put your thumb on the battery door, slide it in the direction of the bottom of the cellphone and lift the duvet off. Actually doing it is a special story. On three distinctive telephones, the battery door became almost not possible to open. Since that’s in which the reminiscence stick goes, it becomes a difficulty.

Music Player

Since I genuinely chose the Sony over different Cingular phones especially for the tune player, the song exceptional is crucial to me. The Walkman MP3 player delivers extraordinarily true high-quality sound through the earbuds (which are a whole lot higher high-quality than the ones that are generally covered with cells) or through the speaker. The controls are easy to use and intuitive, and it’s clean to installation and switch songs and playlists using a unique USB cable or thru wireless interface. The one irritation is the need for the specialized USB cable to in shape the Fastport on the smartphone, and the truth that it’s now not blanketed with the phone.

The smartphone itself best has about 20MBs internal memory, however, it takes a reminiscence stick of as much as 512MB which permits you to save a long way more statistics (and tons of songs!) on your cell phone. There is, however, the added bonus of definitely infinite song courtesy of the FM radio capability of the cell phone. You can music into up to 20 preset stations and pay attention both at the earbuds or through the speaker. If a name comes in while you are listening, the music just continues to play within the historical past, allowing you to take the call.


The camera turned into the second cause I chose the Sony Ericsson. I don’t want high-res, high best snapshots for my functions, which is a superb thing since the VGA digital camera is not capable of taking them. It does supply fairly respectable exceptional for what it’s miles, even though, with hues sharp and lighting fixtures pretty excellent. My daughter, however, is having a notable time with hers, the usage of it to seize spur of the moment snapshots and effortlessly ship them to friends and to her email account for posting online with just a few clicks.

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