My Real Life Mobile Computing Experience With VDI and a Tablet

Just like a lot of you I have heard the predictions, analyst reviews, and media hullabaloo about the approaching of the Post-PC era, and how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure goes to treat baldness, eliminate most cancers, and have puppies and cats dwelling together in harmony. In order to check this out, I had my engineers pass my number one desktop to Windows 7 walking on VMware VIEW. After four months of use, I am now a fanatical convert, and we’re transferring all people else at our business enterprise over to virtual computer systems as nicely. My day by day interaction with my PC is faster, less difficult, and I don’t have any concerns about running backups anymore. Everything works better with VDI, as long as I even have a few kinds of tool and a community connection.

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I was getting very uninterested in my computer. It was a three yr antique laptop that I had converted to Windows 7 final 12 months. The performance was pretty desirable because I had bumped the RAM as much as 4GB, and positioned Windows 7 on a brand new hard pressure. There had been many issues I had with my computer, however:

I understand I ought to have bought a steeply-priced new pc, reduced in size for a web backup carrier, and accomplished different things to cope with some of my problems, however, that would no longer have addressed the whole thing. I nonetheless could have been lugging a backpack with a computer from home to paintings and lower back, concerned approximately it getting stolen, and needed to take it on an excursion with my circle of relatives.
Instead, I parked my existing laptop at domestic, were given a $500 Wyse terminal for the workplace, bought a $500 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Targus Bluetooth keyboard for mobile computing, a Verizon 4G/3G MiFi WIFI tool, and started out my new way of working. I have gained one to three hours of labor productiveness every day, an extra on hand, and don’t have any concerns about loss of statistics to theft or commercial espionage.

The productiveness increases are available in small increments at some point of the day. The pc I used to % up in the morning and take with me remains at my house – I just snatch my pill, paper pocketbook, and drive off. When I get to the office I seize a cup of espresso, stroll to my desk, contact the button at the Wyse PCoIP terminal, and log in to my Windows 7 laptop; the login takes less than 10 seconds. I usually depart Outlook and my CRM application going for walks, however, if I had closed them, it takes just multiple seconds for the application to begin. If I must arise to leave my table for greater than a few minutes, I contact the button again to log out to conform with our security coverage. By lunchtime, I have already received at least 30 minutes of efficient time via not having to shut down, lug, and boot a laptop.

When I am out touring clients, providers, or otherwise having conferences, and feature some extra time, I use my pill. Most of the time I use the native Email, Calendar, and Contact packages to keep up to speed. Sometimes I want to access full Outlook to study other human beings’ calendars, so I use the Android VMware VIEW PCoIP consumer to get right of entry to my virtual laptop. It does depend if I have logged out in the workplace or not because the VIEW server takes care of switching the login to something device I am currently using. It is speedy and usable, even on the tablet. The battery life at the table is 15 hours – I have no issues approximately the use of it each time I want!

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It took some weeks to optimize the pill enjoy. I absolutely like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Other people in the workplace use the Apple Ipad 2, and that works well also. In extra to the usual Android packages, I additionally use the Cisco AnyConnect consumer to get a VPN connection lower back to the office for after I need to get admission to the internal Wiki, Sharepoint or Email archive server. I upgraded to Quickoffice HD if you want to view and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. For accessories, I use a Bluetooth keyboard for some severe typing, and I also use a 4G/3G WIFI mobile access factor so I don’t need to try to discover free WIFI. In reality, I am typing this as we’re using from Atlanta to Panama City, and I am happy I checked my electronic mail due to the fact there has been a customer service issue that wanted interest, and I became capable of asking the right human beings to investigate it!

At home, despite the fact that I nevertheless have my old laptop, I prefer to use our large screen, Apple Mac. I login to the identical virtual computer this is strolling on our employer servers within the datacenter, with everything open that I was the use of when I ran out of the office at the final minute. If I actually need to work, I will use my vintage pc, strolling the Windows VMware PCoIP VIEW patron, which works definitely nicely. I have DSL at domestic, and it is good sufficient bandwidth to present me a terrific operating revel in. All my files are saved at the Windows percentage within the datacenter, and I use the VDI patron due to the fact utility performance is faster than on my laptop.

The setup at the data center could be very similar to what we set up for our customers. We have two racks on the Quality Technical Services data center in Atlanta. One rack is full of our Cisco Unified Computing System blade servers, Nexus 5000 and Nexus 2000 switches, Fibre Channel connected NetApp with a SAS shelf and SATA shelf. The Cisco B series chassis is approximately half complete with Cisco blades jogging VMware ESX, VMware VIEW, and Nexus 1000V. We run all our production programs at the Cisco UCS, such as the Cisco Hosted Voice service. The 2nd rack has a second NetApp garage array that offers a backup to the primary array thru the use of Snapshots and Replication. The second rack additionally has the overall Cisco High Definition Video Conferencing Infrastructure machine as well as some of our network protection, services monitoring, and personal network connectivity systems.

Based on the high quality enjoy I have had the usage of computing device virtualization, we’re going to go from our pilot segment into full production inside the next few months. For laptop clients, we are going to use a mixture of current PC’s, Pano Logic, Wyse, and Samsung clients. For cellular clients, we’re going to use an aggregate of Cisco CIUS, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Apple iPad. In addition to the usage of VMware VIEW, we also are going to install Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp. I have located that occasionally at the desk I honestly most effective need to get right of entry to one application, like Powerpoint or our CRM application. Citrix XenApp offers the potential to remotely get entry to simply the only application without having to log in to a full Windows desktop. I assume VMware to have that capability as nicely at some point inside the destiny, however, right now Citrix is the one with the capacity to circulate an unmarried utility to any customer that could run the Citrix Receiver.

There are some things we’re going to should do at the infrastructure and server side for full laptop virtualization productiveness as well. We have enough storage capacity and spindles. But I am nonetheless involved about performance, so we have ordered more memory for servers, and we are going to run the Atlantis Computing application to enhance computer performance.

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At the quiet of the day, I am very glad about the progressed productiveness and availability supplied by using my transfer running on a digital computer. The generation is prepared to head for all customers to replace over now, and it addresses all the troubles I turned into having the use of an old laptop after which a few.

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