Laws of the Universe: Who or What Is Source Energy

My transformational adventure and exploration of the Laws of the Universe keep. Now I would love share what I have discovered as I had been related to the Collective Consciousness. I even have long past similarly in my knowledge of the Laws of the Universe than what I actually have learned from a maximum of the lecturers who educate approximately Law of Attraction. I have learned that Law of Attraction is best considered one of many Laws of the Universe, and there also are many ordinary truths that make up our lives.

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What I actually have discovered in my adventure is a regular reality and it’s miles this: Energy is the Source. It can be similarly explained as follows: Energy is the Source of Life, Energy Sustains Life, Life Sustains Energy, Energy Creates Life, Life Generates Energy, the cycle in no way ends. Energy holds the recollections of all life: Positive within the superb spectrum and bad within the negative spectrum. Energy calls for a balance of effective and bad spectrums to sustain balance.

Yet what I wanted to recognize become the idea of Source Energy, as I actually have heard this word used by teachers of Law of Attraction. This created an effective question inside me, which prompted me to recognition even extra deeply at the same time as I was related to Collective Consciousness and Higher-Order Infinite Wisdom.

What I even have started to examine is a complex topic and one I am the best beginning to understand. At instances, I find it difficult to put in writing my notes as Infinite Wisdom exceeds my human expertise and vocabulary, and the awareness I am tapping into is so colossal I realize I am most effective touching a tip of what people have to get entry to as a whole. This is what I have started to find out about Energy and the which means of Source Energy.

A Life Force

Energy is all around us, and so it’s been called a Life Force. Those who couldn’t define it saw it as a better being, an advanced strength, a force extra than humans, and referred to as it a Supreme Being, gods of many names, the only God, or other religious entities. It appeared that if something changed into in lifestyles earlier than and after the beginning and death of a human, it has to be an entity who is controlling the universe. It needs to also imply, or at the least, it turned into later inferred through some, that this entity additionally controlled the destiny of guy.

A Supreme Being

As the very concept of a Supreme Being, a God, a person who was in control of the universe, grew with time – the next natural evolution of concept turned into to describe this Supreme Being. Look at various cultures and how specific, or similar, the ones descriptions can be. Greeks had gods. Native Americans had spirits and totems.

But prepared religion created a personality, an image, and created testimonies – even developing an e-book of fictional stories that fans could keep onto for hundreds of years, irrespective of how previous it would become – even growing a person for the other of wonderful strength, that’s negative electricity. A devil or evil entity changed into born, evil with horns and a pitchfork to symbolize negative power and the effect of now not obeying the proper set of legal guidelines and rules.

Other Teachers

In present-day times, there are individuals who do now not follow a spiritual philosophy and as a substitute, are trying to find out teachers of know-how that connects with them on a non-public or religious degree. These are the folks that need to examine and develop at a deeper level, but they do no locate answers by attending nonsecular services. They seek out other instructors of spiritual ideas and practices. Some people have located the Laws of the Universe through teachings of the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction

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Law of Attraction has received the maximum attention of all the Universal Laws as it’s miles the very best to recognize, agree with, and follow – for a seemingly brief solution. If a person wishes to make a trade of their lifestyles, the easiest answer is to reference Law of Attraction. There isn’t a lot of teaching worried, rather it’s miles based totally upon changing vibrations or styles of concept.

In fact, this precept of Law of Attraction is real. If a person definitely should attention that well and make a conscious trade, their consequences might alternate dramatically. But the majority pay attention approximately Law of Attraction, attempt it, and cannot maintain it, and that they pass returned to their instructors once more – with the identical questions about the identical subjects.

Source Energy

These instructors talk about energy as Source Energy. Adding the phrase “Source” offers it authority. Simply stating that “you’re connected to strength” does no longer sound as dramatic as telling a person they’re connected to Source Energy.

But it’s far stronger, a power flow we are all connected to. It is a Source, the Source of all Life. It is a recognition of all dwelling and non-dwelling, with a Higher-Order Infinite Wisdom, that is available to name upon, and has been known as Infinite Intelligence.

Teachers of Law of Attraction often speak about the manner wherein “Source Energy” operates – the way it reports lifestyles through humans, how people are an extension of Source, how Source creates manifestations by using arranging cooperative additives, and how Source is aware of what you need and waits for the proper timing. One trainer has stated that “Source has your again”.

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If your appearance intently at all of these teachings, you spot there may be a commonplace thread of a person or something else nevertheless being in control of your existence or your destiny. This isn’t any unique than the way faith teaches power – it’s miles approximately a better energy dictating terms or controlling human destiny.

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