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The blogging bug has bitten many people because many people are asking us what blogging is set. From young adults to senior managers, all sundry’s excited about this new phenomenon called running a blog.
Based on our talk final yr at a neighborhood university on the way to blog right, it’s relatively safe to say that running a blog could be very popular. So this text is for all of you who want to start a blog; however, you don’t know-how.


The number one attention earlier than you start a weblog is this: what is your aim? Are you looking for a manner to percentage your know-how and expertise on a subject it’s close to your heart? Are you looking to earn quick money? Are you searching out a way to training your writing talents? Are you seeking to compile most of these weblog posts later into something you can put up or print as a memoir? The 2nd attention is: do you’ve got time to blog? Like our first toy, we get excited for the primary week when we first get our blog up and going for walks. But blogging for a laugh and serious running a blog are two distinct animals.

Fun running a blog does not care tons for anything else – the blogger only blogs because he wants to write what he appears like writing. On the other hand, serious blogging can be about advertising one’s business, creating wealth from AdSense or pay in keeping with a review, spreading one’s thoughts, and plenty greater.

If you are into extreme running a blog, it will eat into your time. You may additionally need to plonk your self-proper in front of the PC and blog away. We frequently inform pals that extreme bloggers take plenty of time in growing blog posts for their target market. It’s no longer something you may type up in 5 minutes. And the element into the time you need to resize images or Photoshop them correctly earlier than you add them on your weblog. So, all in all, it’s now not that easy or simple to be a serious blogger (or one that makes moolah from blogging).

It’s not rocket science if you start with a simple blog answer like Blogger.Com. The advantages? It is free and easy to create. It doesn’t need tons of technical understanding (not like other blog answers, including WordPress). WordPress but in all fairness popular and has masses of growth potential and flexibility and is fantastic for folks that need to personalize their blogs completely.

To start your weblog, visit http://www.Blogger.Com. You should first have an account with Blogger (Blogger has been bought over by Google so if you have a Gmail account, signing up is even simpler!). The cool issue is, they’ve got new features that will let you drag and drop capabilities so that you can, in a way, ‘layout’ the way you want your blog to look. You may even change colors in the background and text quickly to reflect the kind of subject you want.


They’ve even concept about privateness. Let’s say you want to create a weblog to replace your own family and buddies about your lifestyles (which saves you the hassle of repeating your self for your emails anyway) – well, you could set permissions inside Blogger, and best the ones you allow can be able to view your weblog. Or say you want to have a network weblog where you and your pals/colleagues take turns to write about matters close to your hearts. You may have more than one author in Blogger, so all of us receive a hazard to weblog as and when they wish, from wherever they may be.

As Blogger says, you most effective have three simple steps to comply with:

1. Create an account

2. Name your blog

3. Choose a weblog template

When you’re at http://www.Blogger.Com, click on the orange arrow, which says “Create your blog now.” You may be taken to a webpage that asks you to create a Google/Gmail account if you do not already have one. Next, you may be requested to name your weblog. This will perceive your blog from the gazillions of blogs out on the internet. Remember, your blog name will be followed with the aid of blogspot.Com (unless you purchase a website name of your personal and use it to mask the BlogSpot URL).


For example, if the weblog call is AuntieMargaretStories, then the blog may be AuntieMargaretStories. Blogspot. Com when it’s miles created. But before that call may be yours, you want to check its availability. So consider extra innovative names (nicely, it also facilitates you stand out besides). If you want to host your blog somewhere other than Blogger, you may do that too. If you choose this option (underneath Advanced Blog Setup), you want to fill in your internet server information.

After that, you are nearly carried out. The next step is to select how you want your weblog to appear to the world via selecting the weblog template you want. And that’s it – once it is achieved, you could begin posting! And if you ever get caught, you could check with the Blogger Help Resources section at http://help.Blogger.Com, which truly is pretty beneficial with its tips, hints, and additional statistics.

Here’s to Happy Blogging!

Krista Goon is a partner and co-founding father of Redbox Studio, a web layout and internet consultancy firm based totally in Penang, Malaysia. She has been running a blog for five years now and presently manages four blogs, handling a particular passion and hobby.

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