Four Free Blogging Platforms Battle it Out – Who’s Best?

While blogging may be a profitable means to earn money for a few, for a lot of us, it’s far an less expensive and optimistically soaking up the hobby. While experienced bloggers may additionally desire to spend money on a few professional web hosting, for a lot of us, getting started out with a free web page is sufficient. Indeed, there are many writers out there who advise that paid web hosting isn’t always even necessary in your blog to be a fulfillment.

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An easy notion test may verify this for you. For a moment, it’s far crucial not to assume as a blogger or a number, but as an ordinary net consumer; a normal blog reader – especially, the type of reader you’re looking for to visit your weblog. Suppose, for example, you’re considering beginning a blog all about traditional automobiles. A conventional car enthusiast turns on their pc and possibly goes to Google and types in a few search phrases. In the search outcomes, there are possible to be many, many blogs; after clicking on a few links, our visitor will study a number of them, and, if certainly inspired, will possibly join them, bookmark them, or go away a remark. At no point did the blog vacationer use whether or not you had an expert-searching “dot com” URL or whether you have been the use of the trendy WordPress plugins as a factor to pick out your website online over every other. All they were inquisitive about was whether or not your weblog introduced the content material they had been interested in. There is a hit, loose sites obtainable. Can you possibly make a fulfillment on any platform?

The contenders

For the purposes of this article, the author started out with a blog on Posterous – a personal favorite, but with a beneficial characteristic that could assist in this test. By enabling autopost on a Posterous weblog, the submit can automatically be reposted to more than one blog websites, In this way, after including the other platforms – WordPress.Com, Tumblr, and Blogger – four unfastened blogs with the identical underlying content may be speedily created. The advantage of the Posterous blog is easy setup and posting through email. Posterous websites are smooth and easy, with few bells and whistles.

In a similar vein to Posterous, websites on Tumblr.Com permit multimedia posting with the rush of a button, and additionally permit posting by using e-mail. Like Posterous, Tumblr additionally goals for easy setup and easy customization with issues, however, Tumblr aggressively pushes integration with social media websites; in truth, Tumblr considers the “tumblelog” as social media in its very own right, to be shared, reposted, and favorited in the Tumblr network.

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Blogger is subsequent; acquired by using the gargantuan Google in 2003 and regularly derided for no longer getting quite as tons interest as different Google products, it is the entirety you will anticipate from the quest engine behemoth. The focus is greater on integration with other Google products than simplicity; a number of the menu selections and customization alternatives are not quite entry-degree. However length does be counted; and a large variety of Blogger blogs does recommend a huge quantity of network help, no longer to mention there’s certainly the suggestion that at least one search engine will crawl the pages.

Finally, there may be the option of a hosted blog at WordPress.Com – essentially, a slimmed-down model of the total WordPress product offered at no cost web hosting. Offering familiarity and portability if you do ever decide to upgrade to the overall WordPress offering – right here it is crucial to distinguish between the hosting offered at WordPress.Com and the full product at WordPress.Org – it’s far very tons a sandbox model of the whole product with restricted plugins and customization available.

The first test: ease of use

For the primary take a look at, ease of posting changed into the metric used to compare the websites. It is really worth declaring now that the maturity of Web applications need to mean there may be no excuse in any respect for any site to provide poor or difficult modifying and publishing options; the Web interfaces must be smooth and practical. As ways as net interfaces go, Blogger seems to have a moderate lead over WordPress in terms of ease of use, even though WordPress does have extra comprehensive formatting options. It is the more alternatives that make it barely more hard. Tumblr wins for media, practically one-click on publishing, however, ordinary text weblogs are lacking in options and flexibility and, alas, what you spot does now not always fit what you get. I additionally observed the Tumblr interfaces painfully gradual. So an awful lot for web interface comparisons; Posterous’ web interface is just as capable as any of them, however using Posterous’ publish-via-email characteristic approach Posterous wins arms down on this class, using the interface you are probably extra familiar with than any other; your email application. This factor: Posterous.

The second test: presentation

The give up effects are of direction crucial. Posterous websites are somewhat spartan, and in reality issues have been a past due to addition, so the give up the result of a Posterous site is typically a very easy, minimalist, and elegant website online. WordPress websites have a propensity to be able to search the most professional; however are also capable of being widgets to the point in which they may be hideous. Just due to the fact WordPress does assist you to upload positive gadgetry does no longer imply that you must. The Blogger websites are common quality and feature a larger variety of topics to pick out from out of the box; it appears less complicated to locate something that’s fairly appealing, although for some reason it’s miles commonly Blogger. I am afraid the Tumblr websites do not rate high on this location; it seems to be very hard for a Tumblr web page to look best; I changed into not satisfied with the look of some of the check pages posted. This point: left to personal taste.

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The 1/3 take a look at customization

For the customization test, we took into consideration what widgets are to be had by using the default, and then whether a particular characteristic will be customized; in particular, we looked to see if commenting behavior could be modified. Customization on both Posterous and Tumblr is limited to topic choice with possibly a few manual codes modifying to alter capabilities of the theme. In concept, Tumblr ought to guide other customizations, along with the Intense Debate commenting plugin; but, whilst this creator tried it, the customization appeared to corrupt the existing Tumblr stylesheet (what appeared like HTML or CSS showed up on the web page. Very probably a missing close tag, but this check changed into underneath the guise of an access-degree user unexpected with coding). The WordPress.Com choice of plugins in all fairness constrained and sparse; really now not the large names you would look for on a hosted WordPress site, even though, failing all else, it does allow HTML-degree customizations. The widgets on provide do not permit for tons inside the manner of customization other than additional web page factors. Finally, Blogger appears greater open to customization and, in reality via virtue of the range of Blogger websites around, is supported by means of many plugin carriers. Of path, Google would like this to be the case for their very own AdSense monetization. Intense Debate hooked up painlessly on Blogger and inside moments, the acclaimed CommentLuv became running on a blogger web page. If anybody customization is probably sufficient to pick one blog host over some other, CommentLuv is probably it. This point: Blogger.

The fourth check: acceptability

For an acceptability test, we attempted to “claim” each blog (with their default domains which include blogname.Posterous.Com) with the massive name in blogging directories, Technorati, see how the indexing engines might range in their treatment of free blogs over hosted domain name ones. Technorati straight away did now not like the Posterous website URL, and at the same time, as it recognized the Tumblr and Blogger URLs as hosted blogs, there ought to be a considerable amount of code on those pages that left Technorati unable to tell that the pages had been in English. Only the WordPress website become ordinary and indexed without query. Likewise, from a human attitude, a WordPress blog seems greater acceptable; it’s far what a blog should seem like. This point: WordPress.


This article set out to answer the question “who’s pleasant?” out of the four systems placed to the test, and which supplied the pleasant opportunity to achieve success. However, the thing also cleverly prevented defining exactly what “fine” genuinely meant, and “a success” can mean various things to exclusive humans as nicely. You may also degree success in phrases of visitors, economic return, or perhaps some other shape of contentment; the satisfactory option for you is probably eased of use, flexibility, look, or capacity to upgrade to a hosted solution later. The scores above got here out pretty even; I am inclined to provide Tumblr the benefit of the doubt as I even have seen magnificent matters done with it. Take a glance over which of the assessments above are maximum important to you, and permit that be your guide; in quick although, this writer might recommend Posterous for ease of use, WordPress.Com for future upgradability, Blogger for functions (relative to other unfastened services), and Tumblr for social integration. No, be counted what course you select, there is no alternative for tough paintings in relation to searching out fulfillment.

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