Considerations When Buying A Senior Citizen Health Insurance Cover

Health insurance is critical in today’s day and age with soaring treatment costs. Finding adequate medical insurance is crucial since it helps safeguard your finances and ensure the proper treatment is available when needed. Reliance on medical support is even more during the golden years, considering that more and more lifestyle diseases are now affecting individuals very young.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Cover

For that reason, it is of prime importance to ensure health insurance coverage is available for the elderly. This age group is generally a high-risk category, and thus there needs to be an insurance policy to ensure their safety. At such old age, the human body develops various problems that crop up due to age, like joints, eyesight, hearing issues, and more. Health insurance for senior citizens is a policy specifically designed to address the health concern of elderly individuals. Generally, this policy is available for people above 60 years of age.

While there are myriad alternatives to choose from, this article elaborates some of the essential considerations to keep in mind when selecting health insurance for senior citizens –

#1 Coverage for in-patient hospitalization

This policy features ensure that any patient admitted to the hospital for more than 24 hours, the insurance plan covers the treatment cost. Treatments for older people are generally longer due to the complexities involved. Some policies, although they cover in-patient treatment, have certain sub-limits. These sub-limits restrict the amount that your insurer covers. For instance, a common sub-limit is the doctor’s fees, where the insurance company compensates only a specified amount. When buying a policy for senior citizens, make sure these sub-limits are minimal and maximum coverage is available for in-patient hospitalization.

#2 Coverage of post-treatment costs

While most insurance plans cover the treatment costs, post-treatment is what you should look for. These are the costs incurred after the treatment, which are crucial to the recovery process. This expense is covered for around 60-90 days after hospitalization for a standard policy. However, the same is restricted in the case of senior citizen cover. So, when buying a policy to ensure your parents or other elderly individuals, it is necessary to check for such costs for a considerable duration after the treatment.

#3 Day-care expense cover

Not all treatments require hospitalization. With the progress in medical science, treatments like dialysis, cataract, chemotherapy, etc., can be availed without getting admitted to a medical facility for more than 24 hours. When shortlisting a senior citizen policy, you need to watch the different ailments covered under the day-care facility. This will help cover the cost of these treatments under the insurance policy’s scope.

#4 Conditions for inclusion of pre-existing ailments

Older adults are generally facing one or two pre-existing illnesses. So, having a policy that covers these ailments is essential. One factor to keep in mind when checking for the coverage of such pre-existing diseases is the waiting period. With a more extended waiting period, more time will be required to offer a range for these pre-existing ailments.

These are some vital considerations to note when buying a senior citizen health cover. Apart from the above, you also need to check for the policy’s exclusions, any sub-limits on expenses, and even the premium charged. A health insurance premium calculator can aid you in deciding whether the policy is suitable based on the various features and its price. Once these pointers are covered in your buying checklist, you can rest assured of comprehensive coverage for your parents. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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