ADW Launcher EX – In Depth Review

If you have read any of my previous articles, then you definitely already realize I actually have a model of ADD for mobile-phones. It might not be a reliable diagnosis, but allow’s just say I must exchange my smartphone’s look at least as soon as every week or greater. If you are getting bored with the manner your phone looks, and also you don’t want to root, then this subsequent app overview is for you.

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Today’s assessment is not only for an app, however a launcher. ADW Launcher EX to be exact. I plan to now not just give you an assessment, but an in-depth observe what precisely this launcher does. Launchers are nonetheless new to a big percentage of Android customers, and some of you’ll be a little demanding to try one. Ready to take a look? Let’s move.

What Is a Launcher?

I’m not going to bore you with technical terms because, quite frankly, I wouldn’t provide a crap approximately the technical stuff, so why would I push it on you? To place it appears that evidently; A launcher is an app that you download that modifications the manner your phone appears and operates visually. What does that imply? It way it does not anything to the trade the way the hardware works. Launchers are intended to exchange matters visually so that you can customize how your cell phone looks when it does something. Imagine if you took the complete body off of a Mustang and replaced it with a Camaro body. The engine, chassis, wheels and indoors stay unchanged, but visually, it’s miles completely new. Now, before you automobile-junkies pass nuts, I understand it’s not possible to place a Camaro frame on a Mustang, and I additionally know it’s complete blasphemy to even advise it, but I’m trying to make a factor right here. The excellent element is you don’t have to root your cell phone to use this. Just download and move.

Here, you could rename the icon or trade the icon’s appearance. By downloading extra topics, you’ll have extra icon packs which you can use to assign a different icon to a particular app. Just contact the icon on the menu to exchange it. In this menu, you can also press the button (named Browser in this case) to exchange what the icon does. For instance, if you downloaded a custom browser like Skyfire, Opera, or Dolphin Browser, you may press the button to reassign what app opens while you open your browser.

Dock Setup-In the previous screenshots, you’ll observe that the modern-day (and default) setup is the three-Icon dock. You can personalize which apps take a seat on that dock. Maybe you don’t need your contacts and browser on the dock. No trouble; Just long press the icon you do want on the dock, drag it to the position at the dock you want it, and then drop it (let pass). Drag and drop. Go figure. Someone become sincerely considering “ease of use” whilst designing this issue.

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What I Like About This App

ADW Launcher EX is one of the high-quality home screen launchers obtainable due to its potential to personalize almost the entirety. You can exchange the arrival of just about anything you need very effortlessly. You oughtn’t to root your phone to make these changes either. Once you set ADW as your number one launcher, it does its issue inside the historical past. It would not bother you with commercials, freeze, or crash. The person interface is quite simple to apply and common obligations like transferring or changing icons are common-experience approaches.

What Could Be Better

While issues are being created each day, it’s far frequently hard to discover many satisfactory issues on the Android Market. Most of the sub-par subject matters available on the market are loose, and almost all of the amazing subject matters value $1-$5. This analogy is really backward to many apps available on the market. Personally, I would instead pay up to $20 for the launcher and feature get admission to all the exceptional topics without cost, but it truly is just me.


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While there may be more than one launcher available on the Android Market, I believe that ADW is one of the satisfactory accessible. Thanks to apps like ADW Launcher, your telephone ultimately can feel like it ought to have right out of the box. The capability to be downloaded and implemented straight away is best, and it offers the person the functionality to have a brand new-feeling phone each day. In a country wherein -12 months contracts are the norm, giving your phone a clean look as frequently as you like is a massive help.

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