Tips to Hire A Full House Renovation Company 

Finally, you have decided to renew your house. Great! Now, you might be wondering about how to proceed on the home improvement project. Where this task brings excitement, it is stressful too. So, the best idea is to hire a home renovation company and not to try DIY.

An experienced home renovator can efficiently remodel your entire home, providing you with the desired results. Anyhow, important here is to how to hire a reliable contractor. Because if the contractor is not good at delivering services, then what is the fun of hiring him? So, let us look at helpful tips for choosing a full house renovation company.

#1. Ask for recommendations – The first step that you should perform in your home renovator hunt is to create a list of 10 to 12 local contractors who have the right expertise. This list will gradually narrow down when you consider the upcoming tips.

The different ways to compile the list are:

  • Ask your friends, relatives or neighbors for recommendations. Getting the suggestion from the person who has hired the home renovation contractor in the past can be a serious help.
  • Search for the contractor in your area on the internet.
  • Check online rating and reviews.
  • Use social media apps to ask your friends and followers for some good recommendations.

#2. Compare portfolio of contractors – You need a contractor who specializes in complete home renovation and not just in a bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation. So, ask each contractor you have shortlisted to show the portfolio of their recent projects. Make sure that they are creative and have worked on at least ten projects of your type; only then they will be able to provide the exact home remodel that you wish to have.

#3. Check license and certification – Now, your list should have 6 to 7 home remodeling contractor. To narrow down this list further, ask for license and certification. A licensed and certified contractor is the one who is permitted by higher authorities to provide the services. Moreover, the license is a sign of professionalism, so you can rely on that contractor who is licensed. Further, ask for a copy of the insurance and make sure that it is up to date.

Remove those contractors from your list who are not certified or don’t have updated insurance.

#4. Check references – Any reputable contractor will provide you with the list of references happily. Take some time and call each reference and ask them about their experience with the renovator.

If any of the home renovators denies giving the recommendations or have negative comments from their past clients, cross them off your list.

#5. Ask the costs – At this time, your list should have 2 to 3 top contractors only. Inquire about the total price of their services and go with the one who fits your budget.


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