Sony SLT-A55 Vs Canon 600D Vs Nikon D3100

We’ve all been on this role in some unspecified time in the future. Whether it’s a long time fixation with compacts or a brand new interest there comes a time when you have to take the bounce to a DSLR in case you’re extreme approximate photography. Don’t get me incorrect, there are some honestly awesome compacts obtainable and in case you’re surely fed up with the shutter postpone to your trusty digital camera then DSLR’s are not the right move! If you’re obsessed with getting into photography, as an interest or a likely profession, then a DSLR is important. DSLRs are magical, from the moment I heard the shutter move on the first DSLR I was hooked, but I changed into also turning into trapped. From that second on I turned into a Canon user. And with every lens I sold, I became increasingly tied to the emblem. Don’t get me wrong, I love Canon and love every digicam I’ve owned, but it is really worth remembering that this primary digital camera ought to well suggest you turn out to be backing one emblem for the next twenty years or extra.

Maybe you have got some money set aside for your first camera, £500 feels like a great number, however, as you have probably noticed by now you’ll want a lens to go with that and some memory for that be counted. I’m going to take a look at what that cash buys you when searching at Nikon, Canon, and Sony. All 3 manufacturers have terrific services round this rate which can be the best step into DSLR pictures. The cameras I actually have picked to observe are the Canon 600D, Nikon D3100 and the Sony A55, all with 18-55mm kit lenses.

Sony SLT-A55

I’ve been very impressed with Sony over the previous few years and to my mind, they have got made big steps in bridging the space between the large two – Canon and Nikon. The Zeiss call has been well-known for its optics even earlier than the discovery of interchangeable lens cameras, with a now global well-known pedigree in terms of optical great. Canon and Nikon make first-rate lenses, however, there’s no arguing the best of the ever-expanding lens series be had for Sony systems.

In 2010 Sony’s SLT-A55 hit the marketplace. Cameras on this price range are the most normally released throughout the producers, so it’s difficult to face out and without a doubt make a mark. The A55 did this in incredible fashion with the groundbreaking SLT era. Traditionally an unmarried lens reflex camera operates with a reflect at a forty-five diploma angle reflecting the image via the viewfinder. When the shutter is pressed the reflect lifts and the photograph is projected onto movie – later changed to the photosensors we find on modern DSLRs. SLT – Single Lens Translucent – digicam’s work in a different way. As the call indicates the 45-degree mirror has been replaced with a translucent mirror at the same perspective. This manner the photograph is reflected as much as a 2d picture sensor related to the digital viewfinder, however, is likewise capable of pass through the reflect onto the cameras foremost picture sensor.

To reduce a protracted – and techy – tale short, the mirror in SLT cameras does now not have to move. In this manner the life of the digicam should be prolonged, no longer to say the delivered bonus of quicker body-costs and the ability to constantly focus (in contrast to DSLR cameras which have to forestall focusing to take a shot) All in all the SLT technology is extraordinarily thrilling and Sony seem to be pricing their camera’s at the decrease give up while pitted against comparable cameras.

The A55 sports activities a sixteen.2 megapixel sensor which is an extensive step up from the A33’s 14.2 sensors also found on NEX fashions. Autofocus is supported by means of a 15 point machine – greater than enough to get you going. The camera also gives a blistering 10 frame according to 2d burst fee which is virtually faster than the £4000 Nikon D3S! Another nifty addition is the built-in GPS which could mechanically vicinity tag your photos.

Canon 600D

With a long-held reputation for excessive first-class camera’s – bettered best through Nikon – Canon is always going to be inside the running whichever charge variety you are looking for. Their G12 compact broadly seems as one of highest satisfactory digital cameras in its variety. It changed into also the first compact whose documents were established via Getty pics. In the DSLR market, their full frame 5D MKII stays a big achievement with a variety of customers, in all likelihood maximum first rate for its video abilities. Canon’s complete range now offer some shape of Video recording and is a format being broadly adopted via low price range movie makers globally.

The Japanese company has launched quite various decrease stop DSLRs over the last few years and lots of had been fantastic cameras. Perhaps the most exceptional – without a doubt my favored – turned into the 550D released in 2010. This extraordinarily finances DSLR got here geared up with the exact same picture sensor as the significantly acclaimed 7D (Sporting a £1000+ rate tag I may upload) really strolling on an unmarried channel as opposed to the 7D’s twin channel processor. All this in reality means is the 7D shoots at 8 frames according to second, a little extra than double the 550D’s three.7. In 2011 the 600D was launched to take a seat alongside the 550D. Offering some minor adjustments including an articulated display screen, even though the adjustments weren’t massive there may be presently best a £20-£40 distinction in fee between the two models, and it appears simply as well to spend the little greater for the ones few events you will use the display.

Canon has a large selection of excellent lenses as your pictures progress, and they’re a logo – like Nikon – you may experience extraordinarily assured in backing. Unlike the A55 the 600D does no longer have any real standout unique promoting points, as an alternative, the standout function on this camera is the sensor it is-self. This ‘reasonably-priced’ digicam gives image excellent passed best by means of the £1500+ 5D MKII in conjunction with the even more high priced 1D series cameras.

Nikon D3100

2017 will mark the one hundred 12 months anniversary of Nikon Corporation, one in every of the biggest imaging names within the world. Their name represents many years of promoting a number of the highest exceptional digital camera‘s, from rangefinders to SLRs and DSLRs. Recently Nikon became the primary logo to introduce video recording to its DSLRs, all predominant manufacturers following their lead in what has spread out a massive new marketplace. Much like Zeiss, Nikkor lenses were seemed as some of the first-rate available and are a brand so that it will nearly without a doubt be round for so long as images.

The flagship D3S (quickly to be replaced with the aid of the D4) is one of the most rather rated DSLRs presently to be had. Nikon has maximum currently up to date their decrease and access degree cameras with the D7000, D5100, and D3100 inside the final two years. Looking at Nikon’s timeline over the previous few years they do tend to convey out a brand new access variety DSLR every 12 months so we may additionally well see the D3100 replaced inside the coming 12 months, but at this point the calibre of those ‘access stage’ camera’s is so high the common fanatic is able to preserve the use of the identical digicam for an awesome few years.

Like the A55 Nikon’s D3100 changed into released in 2010 sporting a 14.2MP sensor and 3 frames in step with second shooting velocity. It is worth citing that the D5100 is to be had for a bit over the £500 finances, however, comes with capabilities – consisting of an improved sixteen.2MP sensor – extra in step with the Canon and Sony. As it is the D3100 lacks the articulated display visible at the Sony and Canon fashions and has the lowest pixel depend on all 3 fashions. Despite this, the digital camera gives exquisite image first-class for the money as well leaving you safe inside the information that Nikon offers a number of the satisfactory glass in the commercial enterprise. Investing in Nikon is usually a secure desire and it’s useful to know that be it lenses or our bodies, you’ll usually have a few superb upgrades to be had to you!


All 3 digital cameras perform rather well for the charge when it comes to picture decision. The Canon’s big 18MP sensor handing over the most element and biggest pictures, while the Sony’s sixteen.2MP sensor – even though smaller – is more than desirable sufficient for pretty a whole lot the whole lot you can need. Even the 14.2MP Nikon offers as lots as you’ll need on the subject of photo great and size. If you are basically looking at decision and pixel rely on, the Canon wins this spherical hands down boasting a sincerely stunning sensor that produces without a doubt expert first-class pictures.

In movie photography, the time period ASA is used to describe movie stock. The better the ASA the greater silver halides within the film (Small dots that pick out up the light) the downside of that is that the extra silver halides the greater important ‘grain’ in the picture – lowering the fine. ISO is efficiently the equal aspect, pushing up your ISO will help you shoot in darker conditions however the image quality will go through. All three cameras carry out properly as much as 800 ISO, but at 1600 and 3200 the Canon and Nikon truly start to turn away and although it’s a close one, another time the Canon just inches this spherical. Both the 600D and the D3100 produce absolutely useable images at 1600, however, 3200 becomes extra of a stretch, particularly for the D3100.

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