Samsung Smooth Pre-Paid From Verizon

I these days purchased a Samsung Smooth pre-paid cell phone from Verizon. After quite a little research on pre-paid wi-fi plans and understanding different human beings that had purchased this same cellphone before me, I did so after quite a little research on pre-paid wi-fi plans. This overview will take a look at matters. First, I will tell of my enjoyment with the actual smartphone itself, and then I will discuss the Verizon pre-paid service.

Samsung Smooth

I chose the Samsung Smooth for two primary reasons. One changed into the fee. I become capable of purchase the cellular smartphone for just over $20.00 at Wal-Mart. After discovering other pre-paid mobile telephone expenses, none of them I determined had been as cheap as the Smooth. The 2nd motive turned because I knew human beings who had recently purchased the Smooth. They did not document any issues with me with the cell phone, so I decided to shop for it with that and the price.

My first effect of the cellphone itself become no longer too bad. I preferred the reality that it blanketed a digicam, and the construction, although seemingly reasonably-priced, seems to be fairly long-lasting. The digital camera itself takes a fairly respectable photograph. I became pleasantly amazed at this issue for a telephone that expenses so little. On the drawback, the smartphone does not have many bells and whistles past the camera. But that needs to be predicted for a smartphone at this rate. Overall the smartphone, to begin with, seemed to be a brilliant deal for what you pay. The reception becomes now not as precise as I was given on different Verizon phones I had within the beyond as a settlement purchaser, but Verizon states which you are not using all of the towers they’ve to be had like an agreement consumer either. The smartphone additionally comes with a $10.00 account credit score. This is added to the account upon sign-on. So you do now not necessarily need to purchase some other minutes to apply the phone right away.

Samsung Smooth

After having the phone for a bit, much less than a week, I bumped into huge trouble. As I went to reply to a textual content message, the telephone reset itself. When the cellphone came returned on, it changed into absolutely in Spanish. I tried to reset the language function on the phone. However, I became denied get right of entry to do so. I then tried to reset the cellphone to manufacturing unit settings but all over again became denied get right of entry to. It changed into then that I attempted to name Verizon customer support and determined that I turned into not even making a phone name.

I idea for a minute and then tried to ship a text message. However, another time, the telephone failed to function well and didn’t ship. I was finally given another phone to name Verizon customer service and was informed about taking my cell phone to the nearby Verizon store and trying to reset it there. I did so, but the courteous people at Verizon were not able to reset it as properly. The woman supporting me then directly started out doing the necessary registration to have a brand new Samsung Smooth sent to my house via day Fed-Ex. I will say that neither of the two people I recognize has had any problems with their phones.

As for the Verizon pre-paid carrier, I was happy with it up to now. As I already stated, they speedily took care of my trouble with my cell phone with no fuss. The setup online of my account has become rapid and smooth. You can get admission to all of the distinctive components of your account online and, without difficulty, make changes to your plan and add minutes both by way of a pre-paid card or via credit card. You can also change the telephone you’re using by sincerely entering a brand new EIN range online. I did this with an antique Verizon smartphone I had from when I used them as a contract purchaser. I am not certain if it will accept any Verizon smartphone, but it did an ENV 2. After entering the EIN and submitting online, I needed to dial *228, after which application and update my roaming skills on the smartphone itself. I once more was in the enterprise.

The plan I opted to become the Core Plan, which expenses you a. Ninety-nine cents each day utilization price. By calling each person or accepting an incoming name, you are charged the .99 cent rate, and it will automatically be deducted from your account balance. On the days you do no longer use the smartphone, you’re charged, not anything. With the Core Plan, you’ve got limitless Verizon cell to cellular minutes on the days you operate the smartphone for cellphone calls and are charged .10 cent in keeping with a minute for any other calls. I additionally opted to feature the $20.00 texting plan, which incorporates limitless texts for a month to any other cell cellphone person. Here is where Verizon desires to be greater particular in its phrases and agreements. Verizon specifies that immediate messages, as in Yahoo and MSN, also are covered inside the limitless textual content plan. The deceptive aspect to this for me become that the Samsung Smooth was listed as being chat successful.

Samsung Smooth

To me, this meant being capable of use Yahoo instantaneous messenger. Still, I observed that you could “chat” via textual content messaging or by using the telephones internet browser, which costs a further .99 cents a day to use on pre-paid. Verizon does sell at least one pre-paid phone capable of using IM services, to my understanding, and that is the Blitz. My ENV 2 has the IM characteristic, but after I attempted to get the right to enter it, I became advised the service was unavailable to pre-paid customers. When I contacted Verizon thru email on their internet site, I changed into informed that the ENV 2 uses IM three. Zero, and it is not usable through pre-paid clients. I am no longer certain what model is at this point if Blitz can use this feature.

One issue to be aware of is that you are not charged every day to get entry to the fee to text if you opt for both of the texting plans supplied by Verizon. You also can have got admission to the text characteristic and potential to send textual content messages for the entire month you’ve got paid for the service, even in case your account balance drops to zero, and you may no longer make a call. This became a huge plus in my decision to consist of the textual content plan on my pre-paid phone. If you no longer opt for one of the textual content plans, you are charged a consistent text fee, which relies upon which plan you choose. You are nevertheless not charged the everyday usage price to textual content, simply in line with a textual content fee.

I would still suggest all of us try the Samsung Smooth phone with Verizon prepaid with all things said and accomplished. Although what happened with mine became a fluke, it is now not only the 2 humans I cited before having no troubles but adds yet another person that bought the telephone after me having no troubles. I do not now assume you can discover a better deal out there as a long way as the price on the subject of a digicam phone. Also, if you have issues, you must take your smartphone to any Verizon retail keep and get the best consequences in solving your troubles. Verizon might not be the most inexpensive provider. However, they make up for it in reliability in coverage and customer support, in my view.

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