Is Technology Stealing The Quality Of Your Life?

Let me be clear from the outset – I am no longer against era, alternate, AI, transformation, or the steps we take into destiny. Also, I’m sure many of you may take difficulty with a number of my points that comply with – take into account – the truth isn’t what you or I think it’s miles but – what it’s miles. But allow me also be clear that I accept as accurate that now not all of those advances will improve humanity’s ability to deal with many of its core problems together with; war, separation, loneliness, uncertainty, decision making, inner peace, fear, the need for love and reputation, lifestyles which mean and purpose.

Is Technology Stealing The Quality Of Your Life? 1

Trust me – your today’s iPhone version, Facebook connection, and iPad app are not going to resolve your issues of staying power, the need for manipulate, stressors, but allow me wager – at this point, I even have misplaced a massive percentage of those who commenced studying this text and got here to the conclusion that I am out contacted, dwelling in the beyond or don’t get it? For you oldsters, check again with me in some years and permit’s chat about how technology has improved your usual existence and its fundamental dreams, wishes, and challenges. For the relaxation of you who’ve open thoughts, allow me proportion what I trust are the positives and the negatives of our slow dependency on any tool or technology in fashionable that we experience critical for our life and the closing success of our human purpose on the earth.

The age-vintage questions for thousands of years that have still now not speak back – where did we come from, why are we right here, and where are we going still plague most of humanity and but every yr increasingly more technological progress is made.

Yes, generation can also make some remedies tremendous success and fast, it can enhance transportation and our capacity to more excellent quickly snatch statistics this is crucial and treasured. But recall – strain continues to be increasing, the divorce price is similar to it became within the ’50s. “Or, how about suicide prices among the ones 35 to 64 years old they have extended 28 percentage (32 percent for women, 27 percentage for guys). The most OK increases in suicide charges were among people aged 50 to fifty-four years (forty-eight rate) and fifty-five to 59 years (49 percent).

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Why? There are extra generations and facts available nowadays than at any time in records. Isn’t it supporting? How approximately obesity – a couple of in two adults and nearly one in six kids are overweight or overweight these days. Adult weight problem charges are maximum within the United States. Obesity fees are projected to grow dramatically through 2030. Got an iPhone on the way to solve that?

Let me add before I forget about what I accept as accurate with is an important element – one of the most vital matters important for success, happiness, and internal peace isn’t always statistics; however, wisdom and, yes, records are a precious contributor to expertise if you rely most effective on it – finally, your data will now not gain you but contribute to your existence chaos.

You might suppose at this factor I’m wrong, but regardless of where your appearance – in a few sections of society, technology may have many advantages. However, it isn’t solving many of life’s critical troubles, and considering me, it will be in no way. There are more fantastic books, YouTube segments, motivational speakers, psychiatrists, existence coaches available nowadays than at any time in records, and yet we nonetheless have many of the same troubles human beings have faced for years, including; impatience and how it leads to pressure and then demise, war and the way it leads to separation and loneliness, fear and the way it contributes to infection, uncertainty and trade and the way they teach to lack of confidence.

Had enough of the negatives? I know I actually have. So, Tim, what’s the factor of this article – what are you attempting to mention? Glad you asked. Let me in the short percentage of what I believe are the fundamental causes and some simple solutions. Before I do but, I want to head on the report – in the course of my profession, I was a massive advocate, and supporter of books and studies through some of the sector’s maximum relied on futurists, trendsetters, and thinkers who were sharing their perception, reviews, and knowledge with the world.

There are a few fundamental human needs that have no longer changed for hundreds of years and are nonetheless applicable nowadays – in no order here are only a few – the need for manipulate, the desire for recognition, solutions to several lifestyles’ crucial questions, the fear of uncertainty, the priority of war and its impact and the need for connection. Yes, there are others, however, let’s just briefly discuss those as they relate to generation and its advantages and or drawbacks to dealing with these. Ever been to a social media website online and visible an old flame, friend, or buddy who changed into now more a success, wealthier, better searching or greater linked or well-known than you? How did you sense – happy, green with envy, unhappy, jealous – something else?

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Ever gotten lost motive your GPS lady changed into a horrific temper? Just kidding. However, I’m certain you get my point. Yes, technology has and could retain to clear up many of existence’s demanding situations and wishes because it keeps boosting however my query is definitely – are you letting it replace the human detail for your lifestyles, relationships, profession or business? Do you spend extra time on your iPad, iPhone, or pc than you talk with or to – friends, spouse, employees, youngsters, clients or friends? Statistics now say that the average man or woman spends among 6-9 hours an afternoon looking at a display!!! I’ll allow that talk for itself.

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