Garages, vehicle stores take over footpaths in Vashi

by skianbirdu | Wednesday, Mar 8, 2017 | 20 views

Navi Mumbai: Encroachment upon footpaths by using garages and automobile showrooms is a common trouble that has been inconveniencing Vashi residents for long. The civic frame, on receiving multiple lawsuits, has now commenced taking measures to tackle the risk.

They had been barricading the regions wherein such encroachments are visible.

The garages and showrooms have been determined to be using the footpaths as prolonged spaces for engaging in business and as a handy spot for parking vehicles that need to be repaired.
“The civic body has decided to minimize the menace by means of barricading stretches in which such encroachments are taking the region. They have identified regions in which automobile organizations have been the usage of public spaces to park their motors, thereby growing a nuisance,” stated a civic authentic.

They had hunted for an everlasting solution. “Due to garages and shops promoting car add-ons, the whole stretch from sectors 28, 29, and 19 began witnessing double parking thereby ensuing in visitors congestion,” stated a resident.

A few years again the administration had tried to address the problem via placing bollards. “The bollards were imagined to deter save owners from misusing public space however that served no purpose as those are now nowhere to be visible,” said an authentic from the civic engineering branch.

The Vashi ward workplace has taken awareness of the matter and has started out levying consequences. “On the grounds that it’s far going to take some time for the engineering branch to barricade these sections, we have determined to penalize such garages and stores. Wheel jammers are being procured for the equal purpose,” stated ward officer Mahendra Singh Stokke.

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