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In the recent past, With rising customer expectations in the recent past, the bar for good mobile banking services is now set high. The top banking apps 2023 focus on many other features besides online money transfers and the speed of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) transfers. IDFC FIRST Bank’s net banking app, for instance, is an efficient platform for customers to access its customer services. This article describes the kind of net banking app you must choose for mobile banking.

Open a Bank Account Online with No Deposit and Bad Credit

Features you will find in top banking apps

Certain features offered by select mobile banking apps these days have helped customers improve their overall mobile banking experience. The following are some of these features:

  • Quicker responses from the bank

Efficient mobile banking apps connect you to the customer service team instantly. Since it is important for any customer to resolve their banking-related issues at the earliest, having access to customer service at all times improves your banking experience.

  • Ability to save more

You must choose a savings account geared towards helping you save more and opt for a mobile banking app that complements this feature. To take IDFC FIRST Bank’s example, the savings accounts offer a comprehensive interest rate to the customer along with monthly interest credits. Their mobile banking app also helps customers save more by categorizing their payments.

  • Instant online loans

You can access instant online loans through the top mobile banking apps of the day. IDFC FIRST Bank allows you to apply for an instant online personal loan from the comfort of your home through its mobile banking app. Before applying for such a loan, you must check your future repayment schedule using a personal loan EMI calculator like the one on IDFC FIRST Bank’s site.

  • Features that help you budget better

The “Track Your Expenses” feature is an example of new features revolutionizing mobile banking across India. IDFC FIRST Bank’s “Track Your Expenses” feature on its mobile banking app helps customers budget better by analyzing their previous expenses. This feature, too, allows customers to save more.

Tips to choose the best app to bank on your mobile phone

Here are five tips that you could follow in selecting an efficient mobile banking app in India today:

  1. Check whether the mobile app is secure: Your mobile banking app must prioritize the security of your transactions.
  2. Verify the accessibility offered by the app: The details of your credit and debit cards and savings/current bank account(s) or personal loans must be easily accessible through the app.
  3. Your app must be technically sound: You must face minimal technical issues while accessing services offered through the app.
  4. Opt for an all-in-one app: Your app must provide services other than online money transfers.
  5. Read about the bank’s customer service online: The bank must provide accessible and prompt resolutions to queries through the app.

Follow the tips mentioned in the last section of this article to choose a mobile banking app that helps you access your bank account 24/7.

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