Are Web Templates Bad?

In short, web templates are bad for business. If asking for a personal or family website, go web template all the way and never look back. We deal with businesses, and as I said, web templates are bad for business. Before I explain all of the different components and characteristics that make web templates so horrible, let me clear something up first. Often when I tell people that Microsoft office free templates are their worst nightmare, they stop me and ask, “Then why do sell them on your web design company’s website?”


The answer to this is two-part. The first reason is simply a cost issue. Many new businesses and a select few established businesses simply either Microsoft office free templates cannot afford completely custom website design, or they cannot justify the price. Our templates allow them to present an effective web presence at much lower costs. The second reason requires you to understand the nature of our web templates. Our web templates still require you to possess graphic design, slicing, and web programming skills. By purchasing a template from us, you can save a lot of money on a website because you’ve cut out the bulk of our graphic design department work. However, we still customize our web templates to cater to your business. Our programmers will ensure that a template-based design from us doesn’t lack functionality as other web templates do. With that stated, let’s cognizance of the reasons why internet templates are terrible for business:

Web templates poorly represent your enterprise.

Life would be exceptional if competition did not exist and also you had been the handiest commercial enterprise round presenting your services and products. However, we recognize that it is not lifestyles, and organizations have to talk to ability clients about what differentiates them from their competitors and why clients need to choose them. Templates do not correctly speak your brand and aggressive advantages because of the truth that they’re pre-designed and have no association with your business. One of the pleasant approaches that I’ve heard this put is like this, “Template web websites are designed to be brought to you and now not in your customers, and many enterprise owners get into the trap wondering that if the template seems top to you, it’s going to look desirable for your customers.” The problem with this questioning is it’s too singular. The factor of powerful website design is not best to look proper, however also to look particular. If you’re operating from a template that has been resold to thousands of different companies, you completely lack specialty, and irrespective of the variety of times your web template has been resold, a web template will by no means set your business apart from your opposition. Period!

Web templates are frequently over finished to cause them to be extra appealing to you.

Remember, the designers of internet site templates are designing a product to promote to you. That’s why they over p.C. Them with flash, sounds, snapshots, icons, and bullets, which may in the long run without a doubt detract from the usability of the internet site. Yes, all of this stuff seems cool, and it will lead you to trust that the template goes to make your enterprise appearance great, however, think once more. You do not want your internet site to be the most graphically designed internet site on the web. You need your internet site to be purposeful first, after which professional. 90% of the time, something aside from is certainly extra.

Speaking of flash, what’s with all that flash?

Once again going returned to the concept of template designers designing them to sell to you and not your customers, they regularly jam percent their templates with tons of flash layout elements. I imply, who would not want their website to be a tremendous cool flash site? That’ll galvanize your clients, right? Well, not if they cannot locate your website. We handiest suggest flash internet site to properly hooked up organizations who do not need to be found. Everyone knows who Pepsi is, and there aren’t many humans looking on the internet seeking to determine what Pepsi is. Bottom line, flash animation isn’t exact for seo (search engine marketing). The regularly most often flash lively section of internet templates is the navigation menu that’s a critical search engine marketing issue. So via selecting that beautiful flash animated website, you, in the end, could be costing yourself, site visitors, on your internet site.


The Logo Space

It’s sincerely pretty clean to spot a web template while you see one through the brand. The emblem, believes it or no longer, is one of the maximum crucial parts of your website design because of its branding energy. You can usually inform while the emblem design and site changed into an afterthought, far from an internet site template. The layout was not created in your logo, and your emblem most usually won’t match in without it being resized, the colors modified, or completed away with and replaced with text.

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