An Apple Netbook – Apple’s New Product Line?

After the October Notebook event, the hopes of Apple liberating a netbook appeared long gone. Steve Jobs stated at some stage in a query and solution consultation that “we’ll see how it goes”. At the time of that declaration, Jobs said the market turned into too small.

But you have to marvel at whether or not Apple was completely telling the truth or no longer. Steve might also be proper, in saying that they were not releasing on one NOW [at the time of the event, October 14th] but who knows how a ways ‘away’ that technology is. The era is there, they’ve created the MacBook Air which is smaller and lightweight as compared to their other notebooks, it’s only a rely on while Apple will get it to their standards.

Besides generation, another element going into his comments, I agree with, is that Apple never wants to take sales away from their personal products. Why tell human beings a netbook is coming soon, whilst you can inform them to shop for a MacBook, then in a few months launch the Netbook [or MacBook Mini]. Now I’m no longer announcing this is a bad component, or that Apple is a liar and should not be trusted, in truth its appropriate commercial enterprise. Apple’s enterprise model is pretty awesome, considering you cannot go everywhere without seeing, hearing, speaking, respiratory i-Something. So for they to maintain off on the netbook to make manner for their new product line is a no-brainer.

You could also argue that the $999 Macbook IS a [high-end] netbook. Granted it’s large, bulkier, and greater steeply-priced then your traditional netbook, it does off the equal capability [and more] at the same time as nonetheless costing an awful lot less than a typical Apple notebook.

As Apple updates their notebooks to appearance extra just like the MacBook Air [and iMac], I consider there is a giant capacity to streamline Apple’s ENTIRE product line. Right now, the iPod has the Shuffle, Nano, Classic, and Touch; the notebooks are: Macbook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air; and the computer systems are: Mac Pro, iMac, and Mac Mini. Now there are numerous names that pass among these product lines, and while I do not assume it’s that perplexing, I think they might use a few higher strategies to condense them into less difficult classes.

Since Apple launched their first iMac, they had been looking to serve two sorts of customers, the hardcore, electricity-customers, and the common consumer. Since then, Apple has broadened their scope, offering many special models in between, to deal with for any form of user. They have created fashions both underneath, and above their flagship products that do that very well. But I suppose with all of this one of a kind fashions and names, it is a bit disheveled.

To combat this, Apple ought to relaunch a whole new tiered system. This could create a bridge among product lines in addition to creating a less difficult shopping system for the ones looking to buy a product in a special line. Like Apple has been doing, it would integrate this new shade scheme of the Aluminum body with black accents on all of its products [including black key’s on keyboards]. From their computers to monitors, to notebooks, to iPod’s. The simplest exception is for the iPod Nano which would be the entry stage iPod and are available in many colors [as it does now]. Not only could the shade scheme healthy, but the product traces in preferred would interweave. My suggestion might be to create a 4 tier product machine for the duration of the 3 traces:

-The MacBook Touch could be Apple’s entry into the pill marketplace. Running on an advanced iPhone OS, this would be just like the MacBook Nano in length, but be one piece with a full touchscreen. Potential encompass similar external buttons as the iPhone/iPod Touch such as an extent rocker, a Hold button [to lock the screen, requiring a password upon entry], and a Home button to carry you back to the computer. The OS might be a fusion of OSX and the iPhone OS, the use of comparable icons/apps because the iPhone [wouldn’t have any sort of iLife or iWork], but with a start menu and toolbar like OSX.

-The iMac Touch will be the first Apple contact display screen computing device. Keeping a similar design, the display screen could be a fashionable 243 and be full contact display. You could optionally get stressed out/wi-fi keyboard/strong mouse, but it would not be covered within the package. It could be able to run a full model of OSX [with touch controls, much like 2, 3, and 4 finger gestures on MacBooks now]. Not many modifications want to be made with the contemporary iMac aside from including touchscreen at some point of the display screen, as well as an up to date OS.

Now I know this is a thorough trade that could take a long time [not in one event] but I think that this will actually deliver the Apple community together. By breaking apart their products into agencies it might make it simpler for brand spanking new adopters to ‘in shape’ into a set and be capable of seeing what’s right for them. Each of the above products might have its very own customization and size options like they do now. Many of the matters I stated above are new technology that I agree with Apple will in the end implement, so why not to it with style?

For the file that is ALL just a ‘wishlist’ and has little to no foundation on any data. If you men are inspired via what you study, please leave a touch upon what you observed Apple ought to do? Do you think they’ll make a hint display laptop, desktop, netbook? Leave me feedback on what you suspect! I hope you loved studying, and in case you did, why now not think about subscribing?

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