A Critical Review of the WP Syndicator WordPress Plugin

What is WPSyndicator? WP Syndicator “syndicates” your content material to other websites. These are all “Web 2.Zero″ websites that Google likes. When submitting a publish for your WordPress weblog, WP Syndicator automatically takes a snippet of that put up and re-posts it to fifteen other websites. This “re-posting” supposedly presents 15 back-links to every single put up your post.  I say supposedly because you genuinely ought to do some additional paintings to make this plug-in accomplish what it says it’s going to. I will get to what that extra painting is in a second.

A Critical Review of the WP Syndicator WordPress Plugin 1

Does WPSyndicator do what it says it’s going to? In a phrase, Yes. However, after your installation, your Web 2.0 debts on all of the websites, be sure to check them. Is WPSyndicator worth the value? In a word, No. WPSyndicator would be worth the value if there has been no different manner to do what it does. But there is a free and easy way to perform tons of what WPSyndicator does. And that loose and smooth approach may be utilized in other methods except posting without delay from your weblog. WPSyndicator expenses $forty-nine. 95 to apply it on just one domain. The price is $66.95 for five domain names. And $67.00 for more than one domain and Premium aid.

Free Method to simulate WPSyndicator Here is a loose manner to do what WPSyndicator does.

1. Set up an unfastened account at Posterous.Com. After you are signed up, visit “manage your account.” Click on the “Autopost” tab. Click on the “add a Service” button and add all the following services (you could set them up anytime you are listing them on Posterous). Or, if you have already got an account at any of the services, input your login information. Add the subsequent services; TypePad – multiply – blogger – WordPress – delicious – blog entry – Tumblr – Xanga – LiveJournal – Twitter – Plurk – Jaiku – FriendFeed – identi.Ca – Facebook – LinkedIn – bellow – Brightkite – Google buzz Some of the offerings they listing are now not to be had, like Vox. There aren’t any buttons for, like Blog entry, and you have to use the “Other Blog” button. You also can submit to Posterous thru e-mail.

Hot Tip

One benefit of Posterous is the email posting function that I previously referred to. Add the WordPress weblog you are trying to sell to Posterous, and you could publish thru electronic mail to that blog. Then you don’t need to follow the following steps. Caution: The trouble with electronic mail posting to Posterous is that right now, you cannot optimize your posts with images, alt tags, header tags, and many others.

2. Set up a Free account at Onlywire.Com. The most effective service you need to join is Posterous. Enter your Posterous account data. Onlywire has just modified their program so that you can get 300 submissions without spending a dime every month. You can also join up for different offerings, and to apply them, you’ll want to install the Onlywire submitter software program onto your laptop.

3. Install the Onlywire plugin to your weblog. After you try this, everyone submits might robotically have an Onlywire Bookmark at the lowest of the put up.

Four. Write a Post on your Blog, post it, and then click on “view put up.” The Onlywire bookmark will be at the bottom of the Post. Click on Share, after which click on Posterous. Onlywire will connect you to Posterous and you submit will display up in a new browser window (you are not using the Onlywire submitter for this). Select the view you want, test the layout and coding (Posterous will display the HTML code if you edit something), then click on Post. You are done. Posterous will routinely publish to all of your lively offerings. It is not most effective because it will consist of the hyperlinks on your publish; however, a link again in your weblog is blanketed at the bottom of the Posterous submission.

Optimize Your Posts for SEO your the Posts to your weblog, ensure that.

  • You consist of an image with an alt tag.
  • You include an H1 or H2 header.
  • You consist of a link in your blog home web page or interior page (VERY critical!)
  • Your key-word is within the identity of the post and at least the primary and final paragraphs.
  • This approach is a little convoluted, but it’s loose. And you’ve got absolute manage over what you are doing.

But wait, you aren’t finished! Remember I stated at the beginning of this newsletter that there was greater which you had to do to make WPSyndicator paintings? You ought to get your Web 2.0 websites indexed by the serps. Publishing links on a gaggle aren’t always going to do you any desirable if Google and Bing do not recognize that they may be there.  How do you make certain that Google and Bing discover these different Web 2.Zero services you signed up for? Easy. You need to;

Create 5 inbound links on your Web 2.0 sites with the use of original content. I propose that you use articles posted on EzineArticles.Com. You can get five unique articles written for approximately $20 on elance.Com or fiverr.Com.
After you get the articles published, ping them. Then ping the Web 2.0 websites (you need to have already got five to ten posts published out of your weblog by using them). Google and Bing need to get your website listed fairly quickly when you ping them. I endorse you to go to pingler.Com and set up an account. For $2.99 a month, you could get 25 URLs pinged every month. So there you pass. A reasonably-priced, smooth, brief way to do exactly what WPSyndicator does for free. Is it worth it to buy the plugin to avoid all this more effort? That query can most effectively be answered by way of you. But in my view, set this machine up and employ the brought blessings it offers you, such as e-mail posting.

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